How to create photography for Shopify?

23 September, 2019
How to create photography for Shopify?
Many individuals believe that e-commerce photography is an easy task; however this is not the case. You cannot simply post low quality, outdated images on your e-store – frankly speaking, you can, but you cannot expect to make sales. You should ask yourself: what is the end goal?

Many individuals believe that e-commerce photography is an easy task; however this is not the case. You cannot simply post low quality, outdated images on your e-store – frankly speaking, you can, but you cannot expect to make sales. You should ask yourself: what is the end goal? It goes without saying, that the end goal is to sell products. In order to achieve this goal, you must make up for the fact that you are not a physical shop, meaning your customers will not see the products or your physical marketing efforts in real life.

A high quality and professional photo of a product will undoubtedly aid you in persuading a potential client to make a purchasing decision. Furthermore, the researches do not refute this fact. According to various studies, 75% of commercial buyers believe that photos of the product, which are posted on the website, are crucial in the process of e-commerce and play a key role in making a purchasing decision. Remember: product photography is a main component of any e-commerce business on the Web.

Today, there are many ways to create professional product photography for e-commerce needs. Everyone understands however that the most reliable and the best way is to choose a professional company that is specialized in product photography and videography. This will allow you to receive high quality content that will boost your sales.

StylePhotos as all-in-one solution

One of such professional companies is StylePhotos. It can offer its customers much more than its competitors. This is due to the fact that this company utilizes the latest StyleShoots professional equipment instead of traditional studio setups. Such innovative approach for creating photo and video content provides commercial brands with a lot of benefits. StylePhotos is a revolutionary company that changed the traditional way of product photography that includes manual handling. The all-in-one mode of shooting the goods is a new concept for photography and videography that does not require a photographer at all.

StylePhotos brings clients’ vision to life. Machines that are used for creating photo and video content simplify the shooting process as much as it is possible. This company works with the leading e-commerce product photo studios and the world-famous brands. The all-in-one installation is the most innovative shooting approach, which is now available in Canada. StyleShoots machines include lights, computer, software, tablet and, of course, a camera.

What are the benefits?

An automatic setup from StylePhotos has a large number of benefits, unlike traditional tools. All of these advantages become apparent once the first results are achieved:

  1. High quality of photo and video materials. The StyleShoots machines are equipped with the latest technologies in the photography industry. That is why, you will get videos in 4K resolution, outstanding quality of pictures, controlled lighting and colours.
  2. Improved bottom line. Your sales can begin immediately. According to studies conducted better quality content allows clients to earn 24% more in terms of revenue, while having highly engaged customers.
  3. Time saving. StylePhotos helps to produce x4 more photos compared with the traditional studio setup. It offers faster turnaround time and option to drop off your products. You will receive more visual content, daily amount of photos and videos will be substantially increased, and the production rate will be boosted.
  4. Low Cost. StylePhtotos is the ultimate tool to allow cost saving when it comes to product photography and videography. You will save money on the shooting process, while receiving the highest quality content.
  5. Ease of use. Machines have a simple interface and an incredible design. All the characteristics and modes are controlled via a tablet. For instance, you can adjust lightning just with a few taps. The device offers simple but diverse tools with a user friendly interface.
  6. Ease of editing. Editing of content is not required. If you choose to perfect the images in post-production you have a choice of doing it yourself, or using our specialists.

All of these features make us the best company in product photography and videography.

Types of Machines and Capabilities

As stated earlier, automation in shooting allows for consistent high quality content to be created. Given the variety in products and goods sold online, StylePhotos brings 3 different system to its clients:

Eclipse. It is a small powerhouse that is used for shooting all kinds of shoes and accessories. This powerful device is equipped up with professional lighting, Canon camera, software, Mac and iPad. Using this instrument, will allow you to create content on different backgrounds. This function lets you have different photos of the same product and display footwear and accessories from the various angles. Each angle of the product will be captured.

Live. Purpose of this device is to shoot live models. All-in-one setup has the following advantages: quality, ease and speed. Using this multi platform content-generating machine, you can export your photos and videos and post them onto Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media just in a matter of minutes. As a result, sales of your brand will be increased. A photo and video studio are united into one system, allowing to achieve the maximum speed and efficiency.

Horizontal system. This is the best solution for flat-lay photography. This system is created for fashion and built for speed. There are some interesting features: an automatic background deletion and touch operated lighting. An integrated Canon camera provides the brightest colours in each picture. Each angle will be captured, while creating content in the highest resolution and quality.

3D product photography

One of the most important segments of photography of StylePhotos is 3D shooting. A special equipment allows StylePhotos to capture a product from all angles, display it in the best way and emphasize its key advantages.

What does it mean? 3D picture is a set of images or a video, which are shot from the different angles, so that it becomes possible to view the product as in a real life. In order to make such a photo, you need to have special equipment. Thus, the StylePhotos is exactly what you need. This company specializes in shooting products from all industries and segments.

Marketing researches show that the major fear that customers have when shopping online is an impossibility to “touch and feel” the product before ordering it. That is why, they want to receive from the website as much information as possible. 3D photos and videos solve this problem. Buyers are able to see the product from different sides and even to feel it. The Internet significantly complicates the buying process, so you, as a seller, need not only to simplify it, but also to make sure that the buyer trusts you and, as a result, makes decision in your favor. And, perhaps, this approach to the visual content will become your competitive advantage.

The StyleShoots machines will perfectly cope not only with the shooting process, but also with editing. Everything happens automatically. Nevertheless, this is not the main advantage of the 3D photography. The most important benefit is the engagement aspect for the potential customer. A visitor will twist the photo of your product and thereby increase the time that he spends on your site. Furthermore, it is coming that such non-static kind of the product photography will add dynamism and beauty for each online store. Remember: if you want to impress your customers, you must pay attention to the trends, new shooting technologies and convenience ащк the цуиsite visitors. StylePhotos, like no one else, knows how to achieve this.

4 stages of the professional product photography

  1. First, get in touch with StylePhotos. You can both send an email or call the company. Then, briefly explain what products and goods you are selling. Provide a product list and desired style direction to Stylephotos.
  2. Send or drop off the products at StylePhotos’ office. There is an option for a pick-up and drop-off but it is billed separately.
  3. The process begins. As soon as company receives your products you will be notified with an e-mail. Within 2-3 business days your products will be ready for pick-up and your photos and videos will be edited and ready to go.
  4. Provide payment, receive the products and content.

Use of such automated equipment is always the best decision for commercial shooting. Especially, if you want to have stunning and professional photos of your product. No other equipment will show such results and consistency. The StyleShoots device is indispensable equipment for those, who want not only to receive high quality visual content, but also to save time and money. Nowadays, it is the most effective solution for any online e-commerce business.

StylePhotos will help you find and improve your brand and style. We will assist you in choosing the best angles and aspect ratios to depict your products. The best content and customer interaction will improve your business and revenue. Invest in your brand and in your income.

In conclusion, we want to say thatStylePhotos provides a completely new approach to product shooting and e-commerce photography and videography. In a short period of time it has already become the best way of creating visual content for any business involved in e-commerce. Thus, it undoubtedly deserves your attention. The automation devices for e-commerce studios have many advantages over classic methods of creating the photo and video products. Cheaper, Better, Faster.

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